Perceptive Growth will challenge you and your business to think differently...

Looking at the bigger picture, we will secure growth for your future by bringing clarity and focus to your sales and marketing. Our skills attract and retain customers, build sales and increase profits. Working with you as a team to deliver results for the future. "45% of companies in the UK don’t have a clearly defined marketing strategy." (Smart insights, 2015) This suggests there is a lot of money being wasted, which could be saved by planning properly.


Seamlessly fitting into your team onsite or working remotely from our offices in Montrose, we are perfectly situated to support business throughout Scotland. Our service can be tailored to your needs, and an exploratory meeting would allow us to fully understand your requirements so that we can outline the most efficient approach.



Current situation

Where you want to be

How you get there

Actioning the plan


business Review

Sometimes what we think is very different from reality. With a constantly changing environment, we take a step back and provide you with the wake up call you need. 

We will identify where you sit in the market place, listen to what business development activity has been carried out previously and explore past and present performance. This will then act as the foundation on which we can plan your strategy for growth.



What is your vision of success? By identifying precisely what you want to achieve we can help you keep on track and avoid costly distractions along the way. 

Engaging your workforce with clear direction will give them drive and enthusiasm. You will be able to celebrate success and take pride in their achievements along the way to your goals.



A sustainable and realistic action plan that will enable you to attract and retain new clients, increase sales and boost profitability.

A goal without a plan is just a dream. We will use our experience and creativity to design a dynamic growth strategy that will be broken down into bitesize chunks so that it can be implemented confidently, allowing you to reap the rewards of strategic investment. 



Knowing your strengths and weaknesses can help you reach your goals. Rather than watch you spin your wheels trying to be good at everything we can help you identify where you need more support. Either from ourselves or our trusted partners. 

Our vision is to secure you growth for the future, our implementation support therefore may be a mixture of teaching your employees new skills, implementing elements of the growth strategy ourselves as part of your team, or involving a trusted expert.