I know your industry better than you....

In a business to business environment are you guilty of relying on reaction sales, waiting for customers to reveal themselves as in the ‘buying zone’?

Catalyse some action and create demand. Teach your prospect something new and valuable that will allow them to compete better in the market place.

By challenging your prospect's assumptions, you build credibility as you identify solutions to issues they didn’t realise that they had.

David Trunkfield and Rick Jones of PWC, highlighted in a recent industry update that the restaurant market is becoming more competitive. Lines are blurring between takeaways and restaurants, food to go offerings and evening dining.

If I was an IT specialist, perhaps the obvious service provision would be to ensure online booking is available, maximising their accessibility to potential clients. But, what about once their customers are inside the restaurant.

How long on average does a customer wait to get their bill or order additional drinks? If you embraced smart phone technology and used it to give control to the customer think how many additional sales you could achieve. In the long term this could earn the restaurant thousands of pounds while also potentially saving them labour costs. Customer service would also be improved, adding to the overall brand experience.

In summary

Research your target markets and use it to build credibility. Identify the issues within their industry, reframing the conversation to leverage opportunities from them. Reveal your product as the ideal catalyst to a more profitable business.