Keeping an eye on the target...

After spending the last two weeks avoiding the colder weather and making endless excuses for not going out training, I finally pulled myself together and put the trainers back on. 

Life is busy, and since having my daughter Neave last year it is increasingly hectic and somewhat eratic!  Whether its grabbing the shopping, making the dinner, going out to a networking event, splashing in puddles, meeting with builders (more about that another time..) going to swimming lessons or meeting up with a client; time disappears and the hours turn into days and they turn into weeks.

Friday night I was reminded by my Strava alerts that my fellow triathletes (competitors..) have been going out training while I’ve been juggling a whole host of other balls. Their pace per mile is slowly dropping while mine has grinded to a complete halt.

Pulling my trainers out of the wardrobe and plugging my earphones in, I pushed myself out of the front door towards the looming 5km that I’ve been dreading for days. The first few steps feel the heaviest, but I soon find my stride, managing to launch myself round the route in a little over 29 minutes. I’ve never been a keen runner, so I find there is a continuous internal debate about whether I’m going to make it round without stopping.

Sport can teach us a lot regarding focus. The reality is the day to day operations of the business quite often gets in the way and its all too easy to take your eye off the end target.  Setting SMART goals with an action plan to achieve them can break down tasks that seem initially daunting or time consuming clarifying your decision making along the way.

The calendar on my phone highlights to me that its only 6 weeks until the Montrose Triathlon so if I want to come in with a time less than 1 hour 20, I better get my mind in gear and get my training scheduled in!

Here’s to celebrating success at the finishing line. (If not, I’ve only got myself to blame…)