Leicester City, A blueprint for marketing success?

There is nothing I love more than an underdog celebrating success, and with Leicester City starting the season with a 5,000 to 1 chance of winning the Premiership (there were better odds of Kim Kardashian becoming the president of the US by 2020) this is certainly one of the sweetest victories of all.

Claudio Ranieri took up the role of Manager in August. The outlook was fairly bleak; the team had just survived yet another relegation battle and he had just been fired from Greek’s National Team. Was this a motivating edge?

Looking at the statistics from the season is key to understanding how they have secured their path to the top. Typically a team that wins the Premier League has maintained a ball possession of 60-65% in matches; Leicester City is often as low as 35%.

The key insight is that Ranieri has successfully surveyed the playing field, understanding the competition, and clarifying his own team’s strengths and weaknesses.

By coaching his team to see the game in a different way, he is able to secure growth by differentiation. Instead of banging the same drum about possession he focused on the players speed and the teams work ethic.

The Challenger sales strategy isn’t all that different to this approach. ‘Teach, Tailor, take control’ by identifying problems within your clients business, you can educate them about the solutions that will drive them to success. Loyalty is then earned by the value that your product/service drives, be that efficiencies or sales growth.

Ranieri had a clear strategy and the tactical execution ran parallel. Win the ball and attack immediately, encouraging their key strikers to remain upfront awaiting the forward pass.

Again, reflecting back into industry it is essential that business development strategies and tactical execution run in tandem. Too often we see companies hastily implementing marketing tools without direction, recklessly wasting a lot of time and money.

Blog writing, social media, research, advertising, product development, networking, CRM, sponsorship, content marketing, sales literature, the list is endless. These cogs turning independently can be fruitless but by having a clear action plan in line with strategic goals will be the difference between you and your competitors gaining marketshare.

Today Leicester City face Manchester United, twenty times league champion. Their fairytale story has captured the whole country and with their clear strategic and tactical action plan there is no doubt in my mind that they will be lifting the cup this year, capturing the hearts of their fans forever. #backingtheblues