6 reasons why re-targeting should be part of your digital strategy this year

If we stalked every person that walked into our shop or presented a proposal to it would be a bit weird!  However on-line, its different we can use reminder adverts to gently encourage these people to pop back in or get back in touch.

Ever wondered why products you’ve been looking at online start appearing everywhere like they’re following you? It isn’t a fluke, they are all harnessing the highly effective tool of re-targeting.

Website visitors can jump off your sales funnel for many reasons, ‘just browsing’, they’ve not got their card with them or simply they are weighing up their options.

Think about if you are buying a new car or looking for the perfect birthday present for your partner, there are just so many options and distractions out there to send you off course.

This is where re-targeting comes in, it’s a gentle reminder to re-engage with your product or service. So here is my quick round up on why re-targeting should form an element of your digital marketing strategy.

1.    The average website converts at a little more than 2%, what about the 98% that gets away?  Have you been guilty of ignoring them?

2.    You can stop wasting your time on people who aren’t interested. Create a criteria that your ideal customer has to have gone through before they are suitable for retargeting, (You might have to run a few versions to see which is the most effective). For example if they spend more than 10 seconds on your website, watch more than five videos or get as far as the purchasing page but don’t actually complete.

3.    The average click-through rate on normal display ads is 0.07%, however the average click-through for re-targeted ads is 0.7%. That’s 10 times more effective!

4.    The people who click through a re-targeted ad are 70% more likely to convert on your website.

5.    It’s much more cost effective than standard online advertising, as you are targeting a much smaller group of people who have already indicated an interest in your product/service. In summary, the advert is cheaper and the conversion rate driven from it is higher.

6.    You can capitalize on brand scaling, meaning small businesses can serve adverts in premium search engines such as YouTube and Yahoo! For small businesses this is huge as it means that they can claim some legitimacy from the brand platform