3 steps to avoid narcissistic tendencies when marketing your business.

Do you actually think by just shouting louder and more often that we’ll actually come and buy from your business?

Relentless Facebook adverts, email newsletters, brochures in the post or a website that just says sell sell sell.

How do they make you feel? Annoyed, frustrated…half the time you don’t even read what they have to say before closing it.

Why? Because it’s so pushy and it doesn’t relate to you at all.

In a world full of noise….try not to be the idiot that just keeps adding to the volume droning on generically about their product or service. As in your attempt to increase sales, you are actually pushing people further away!

First of all, identify who your customers are, and don’t you dare say everyone! Who are your dreamy creamy, nicely profitable client segments… We need details…. The more specific you are, the more you can relate to their needs.

Secondly, clinical, salesly, business-speak is a thing of the past and a quick route to boredom for your readers.  Empathise with your audiences, connect with them on a human level and show them how you can make their life easier by helping them achieve their goals.

How do you do this? I hear you ask. Simple…. you start talking to them! Take the time to understand their needs; what are they trying to accomplish? How does it impact their lives? How do they evaluate the strengths or weaknesses of a product? How do they like to buy their products? Why are they looking for help now? Put the time aside to construct a list of questions that allows you to unlock who they are and why they need your product. 

An electronic questionnaire isn’t typically the most revealing as people think too much about how they write their answers. Carry out interviews either over the phone or in person and dig deeper to get the details.  (I feel another blog post coming soon!)

Lastly, after understanding what your customer wants to accomplish, identify why your business and product is the ideal solution for them. Believe me, saying your cleaning service is well renowned or announcing that you’re an experienced lawyer doesn’t cut it.  We’ve seen enough bullshit on the internet these days and we trust no-one! You need to demonstrate why you’re the best, and teach the customers how it can help them achieve their goals- this is where content marketing is really your friend.

Now back to that busy and loud environment that we all live in…Try to think less about you and your products and more about what it does to help the customer. This will result in a far quicker path to connecting with your target audience, ensuring your marketing messages are heard in the market place.