Client Experience: Dalgetty Pest Control


 David has been in business since 2007, starting up on his own as an independent pest controller. He’d been attending the local BNI for a number of years, and while that attracted business he still felt unconfident about tendering for contracts alongside larger competitors; all too often he felt the pressure to give a low price for fear of losing out on the work.

Based out of Fettercairn, David’s Pest Control business had him travelling all over Angus and South Aberdeenshire supporting home owners, farms and hotels with their extermination requirements. David felt like he was working flat out, but he wasn’t seeing any results from his hard work; running around in all directions he felt like he didn’t know which way to turn.

When I met Amanda for a coffee, we discussed how I was feeling about my business and where I wanted it to be in 5/10 years time. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure I just knew it wasn’t where I was now!  Amanda then went on to show me what she’d found online and explained how my current online presence had been working against me.
David’s old website before we started working with him

David’s old website before we started working with him

What was wrong with David’s marketing approach?

David’s customers needed him to be discreet and reassuring, they wanted peace of mind that their business or home was not at risk.

David’s original website pictured looked dark, unapproachable and made him look inexperienced; which is a complete misrepresentation of what David and his business is like in real life. In addition his Facebook posting was intermittent and focused on the unattractive aspects of his work.  This miss-match was costing him thousands of pounds in unconverted leads that he didn’t even know about. (ie: People finding him or hearing about him and then being scared off by his website).

David signed up for Perceptive Growth’s brand transformation service, which is a 12 month marketing project working through his brand identity, website, social media and blog writing; allowing him to get some key marketing fundamentals in place so he could feel more in control.


How we helped David grow his business.

Through the initial workshop we outlined some key goals that we wanted to achieve in the 12 month period and identified that we wanted to shift the focus from reactive treatments to on-going protection. This would allow him to build a steady cash-flow from maintenance contracts, meaning that he didn’t need to rely on short-notice call outs. It also meant we could present him in a much more positive light as a protector rather than an exterminator.

Photography like many of our projects is key and working with Kirstie Abbey we wanted to show how approachable and friendly David was; setting the tone for the brand identity and website moving forward.

From the week the website went live we took over David’s social media channels agreeing to post 3-4 times week to attract new business in, educating his audience and showing that his business is alive and thriving. This was further supported with monthly blog articles which helped potential customers solve their problems and answer many of their queries. Since the launch the website has seen a steady growth in visitor numbers to the website, and their Facebook page has doubled in followers.

More importantly, as a result of working with Perceptive Growth, David has seen a X Increase in results both in 2017 and X in 2018.

“Within the first 9 months we had achieved our revenue goals that we had outlined for the first 12, this meant it was a no-brainer to carry on with the contract for another year and setting even more goals. I feel she has become a great asset to Dalgetty Pest Control and would highly recommend Amanda to anyone wanting to take their business forward.”